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Let's write a positive AUP

Standard AUPs are too depressing, and don’t focus on what we want students to do. I decided to write a positive AUP for our students – and it’s only 1 page.

Digital Badges – Virtual Machine

This past week has been an awesome demonstration of the power of collaboration. My previous post Badges in Career Tech Education has seen quite a bit of traffic since it was posted. In working with Laura Fleming, it became clear that others wanted to replicate the site in their environment. Taking Laura’s hard work, I cleaned …

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BYOT for Adult Education?

We have started looking into BYOT (bring your own technology) for our Adult Education students. During the last orientation session, we asked for a show of hands who would prefer to use their own computer rather than one we provide and charge them for. About 3/4 of the students would prefer to use their own …

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Dont need to re-image MacBooks over the summer

Every summer since we started our laptop program, my department spends a week or two (or has summer help) re-imaging the returning student computers. We have done this because the Windows machines have been so junked up and needed to be cleaned up. We simply don’t have that problem with the MacBooks. We will need …

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Start of the 2009-2010 school year

Well we are 6 weeks into the 2009-2010 school year, and our first year of 1 to 1 with Apple MacBook laptops. That’s right, we switched our program to Apple this year. Last school year we surveyed the students, as well as potential students, and decided to conduct a trial year with Apple. So far, …

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Script to create users in AD from Excel

Here is a script that I have been using for a couple of years now to create hundreds or thousands of users from an Excel spreadsheet. SampleSpreadsheet Everything below can be cut and pasted into a VBS file:   ‘ CreateUsers.vbs ‘ VBScript program to create users according to the information in a ‘ Microsoft …

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New infrastucture equipment

We have needed to make some long overdue upgrades to our infrastructure. We have 9 servers that are due to be retired/replaced at the end of this school year, and our wireless network needed an overhaul. We recently purchased a Trapeze Networks MX-200 and MP-422A access points. So far they are working great! It’s nice …

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Laptop purchasing

AIt’s the time of year when we start shopping for laptops for the next school year. For the 2008-2009 school year we selected the Toshiba Tecra A8 laptop. However, the students haven’t been very happy with it because of the weight. The 15.4” WXGA screen makes for a large, heavy laptop – can’t say I …

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eBooks in K-12

Last month while at the eTech Technology Conference I was involved in a discussion about eBooks and laptop programs. The topic came up about loading eBooks onto the student laptops, and doing away with the traditional hardback textbooks. So far we have only heard promises from book publishers, and it seems that they really don’t …

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Beginning of year three!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog, we’ve been very busy getting ready for school to start. On August 22, 2007 we officially began year 3 of our laptop program. We’ve learned a lot since we started the program, and it shows this year.  We decided to distribute the laptops in the …

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