My name is John Case and I am the Technology Coordinator for Ohio Hi-Point Career Center in Ohio. We started our 1 to 1 program in 2005, and have experimented with several different devices. We have gone from Windows to Mac, and back to Windows. Chromebooks are on the not so distant horizon.

I started with Ohio Hi-Point in the 2000-2001 school year, and have grown both personally and professionally in my time here. I have worked to develop my leadership skills, and am now part of the district’s leadership team and provide vital input to the team on all things IT related. I have increased available classroom technology within our district from around 150 computers, to just over 1300 devices spread over 5 counties in satellite programs.

I have written several articles for EdTech magazine, which can be found here.

I started this blog so that others who are operating a 1 to 1 laptop program could hear tales from people who are already doing 1 to 1 and hopefully you can take information from this site, and transform it to work in your environment.


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