Virtual Field Trips with Google Street View

Some of you may have heard of using Google Maps for virtual field trips. Today I was listening to the monthly Schoology webinar, and they were showing how to put some of these resources into Schoology. You don’t have to use Schoology for this, but it’s easy enough to embed the maps if you want to.

When you are in Google Maps ( you can click a little yellow stick person at the bottom of the screen to switch on street view. Your map will then show up with blue lines on the map. These blue lines, like in the picture below, show you what you can see with Google Street View enabled. Below is The White House, and some of the public areas you can check out.
There are tens of thousands of places around the globe that have Street view enabled. Here are a few of my favorites.

The White House

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Grand Canyon

There are also some really cool locations on this, and a little of something for everyone.


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