Why I’m done with Evernote

First let me say that I have been a faithful Evernote user for several years now. It has been my go-to application because it is cross-platform, and syncs my data to the cloud. I love Evernote, well I used to.


I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 11e Chromebook and have been using it on a very regular basis. Some Android apps have been allowed to run on Chromebooks, and Evernote was one of the first. A few times when taking notes at a meeting, I would flip to another application or step away for a short while only to find my latest notes to be gone. Today I was at a meeting and had to step out for a couple of minutes, so I shut the lid on the Chromebook. When I returned, I noticed that my most recent changes to the notes were missing.

It turns out that once a note has been edited, changes are only kept while the current window is open. If the window gets closed, or the device goes to sleep then the changes are gone. This is quite the opposite of how Google Docs works. I no longer feel that I can trust Evernote with my notes, and know they won’t disappear on me.

So long Evernote! It’s been a good ride but unless you can save my notes on the fly, I won’t be coming back.

I’m open to suggestions for a replacement. Tweet them to @johncase142 or leave a comment.


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