I’m proud of you!

Sometimes those are the words that you just need to hear.

A couple weeks ago I reconnected with my high school golf coach on Facebook.  Dave was the PGA pro at our local golf course, and I had known him a little while before he became our coach. In high school I was a good golfer, not a great golfer. Dave always knew what to say to get my head straight, or to calm my nerves. I really enjoyed having Dave as a coach and didn’t know that 20 years down the road, he still could have an impact of me.

This summer has been a particularly stressful one for me work. Our Mac server lost a hard drive in the middle of imaging our labs, one of our SAN servers lost 2 drives and died, our master image for student laptops was not working properly, and we’ve had budget issues. It has just been a rough start to the school year, and we’re not there yet. After Dave and I became Facebook friends, I checked out his profile and his pictures, but there really wasn’t any communication other than the invite. Then last night Dave wrote on my wall that he looked at my pictures,  glad to see I was doing well, and he was proud of me. Those last four words really hit me. I haven’t seen Dave in over 20 years, but he was proud of me, and what I have become. I’m sure that when he typed them, he had no idea how much that would mean to me.

Some days you just need those extra words of encouragement and you don’t realize how those four words can make someones day. I have a challenge for you. When you see someone who does something that makes you proud, tell them. It may mean more to them than you know.

Thank you Dave.



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