Google+ is finally available for K-12 domains but should you enable it?

Yesterday Google announced that Google+ has been enabled for K-12 domains and has some new “premium features.” You can read more about the new features here:

Initially I thought this was a great feature to have for K-12 domains. However after “upgrading” my profile to G+, I’m not so sure. On my personal G+ account I have +Pete Collins in a circle that I follow. Peter is an awesome photographer and posts some incredible pictures almost daily. Pete’s pictures get delivered to me each time he posts something new – and that’s great! It’s great because of the content he is posting, imagine if I followed someone a little less appropriate for school (eg. Jenna Jameson).

As an experiment, I created a fake G+ account through the school’s domain and was easily able to follow some people that were not appropriate for school use. Their posts were quickly delivered to my screen, and our M86 web filter did nothing about it. I’m not sure how we can open this up to students at this point since it’s very easy to be out of CIPA compliance.

Are you planning on enabling G+ for your students?


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