Chromebook ready for the enterprise? Not so fast.

Google has just announced the latest Chromebook by Samsung and it’s being touted as ready for enterprise.

I’m not so sure that Chromebooks are really ready for the enterprise. In an ideal world (for Chromebooks)  every enterprise applications would run in a browser.  I can think of plenty of applications that don’t run in a browser,  let alone in Chrome.  What about the need to RDP into a server?

Earlier this week I attended the ISTE Leadership Forum in Indianapolis.  I debated on taking my first generation Chromebook but ultimately decided to leave it at home.  There were just too many things that I felt wouldn’t work well unless I had access to an Internet connection all the time.  There is little to no offline use for a Chromebook.

So before schools start jumping into a 1:1 program with $249 Chromebooks,  make sure it meets your EDUCATIONAL needs.


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