Essential for gadget geeks!

One of the coolest presents I received this past Christmas is the PowerMat. It’s a must have for geeks with gadgets. All geeks have gadgets, and typically we have quite a few of them. In our household we have 2 Nintendo DSs, 3 or 4 iPods, cell phones, and several other devices that will charge over USB.
The really cool thing with the PowerMat is that you can get rid of ALL these extra charging cords, and only use 1 plug from now on. The device uses magnetic induction technology to charge the devices by placing them on a magnetic mat. This doesn’t happen all by itself however, you need to have their adapters. The device comes with 1 universal adapter that includes 8 different charging tips. They make specialized charging modules for iPhones, Blackberries, Nintendo DS devices, and others. If you purchase these add-ons, you can simply place the device on the charging mat and not hookup any cables. It’s worth a look if you are tired of the tangled mess of cables, and are looking for an easier way to manage all those charging adapters.


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