Hello Moto!

On Friday I picked up the new Motorola Droid phone. I’ve only had the iPhone for a few months, but I have learned to hate AT&T’s network. The iPhone itself is great but believe it or not, being able to make calls is an important feature. The last straw was when my daughter had to go home early from school because of the flu. I didn’t receive the phone call, and worse yet I didn’t get the voice mail for several hours. My visual voicemail worked only when it felt like it, and the coverage area wasn’t consistent. So, I decided to take a look at the Motorola Droid that the Verizon hype machine was promoting. After 3 days, I have found that I can do just as much, if not more than with my iPhone. Perhaps I could have taken the phone to Cincinnati Bell or T-Mobile, but their coverage isn’t great where I live. I will post more details about the phone as I use it.

Anybody want to buy a very slightly used iPhone 3GS?


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