Pet peeves with MS Office

I’m not sure who at Microsoft decided that they would create an entirely new “” file and go against everything that we’ve been taught. Specifically, I’m talking about Word in MS Office 2007. The default font is now Calibri for the body, and Cambria for headings. I’ve seen countless laser printers struggle this these fonts, as they are not standard fonts. To further complicate things, the font size is 11, not 10 or 12 that has been standard since the manual typewriter.

The default margins have been moved back to 1” after being at 1.25” left and right in Office 2003. But now they have changed default paragraph spacing from the standard 1 line to 1.15 lines.

I know, this is nothing new. After all, that’s Office 2007. It just pissed me off enough today that I thought I would spout off about it. I’m working on a new magazine article and have been somewhat irritated!


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