New infrastucture equipment

We have needed to make some long overdue upgrades to our infrastructure. We have 9 servers that are due to be retired/replaced at the end of this school year, and our wireless network needed an overhaul.

We recently purchased a Trapeze Networks MX-200 and MP-422A access points. So far they are working great! It’s nice to finally have a controller for the APs so that changes can be made centrally, and not on each AP. I’ll keep you up to date on it’s performance.

As for the servers, we selected the IBM BladeCenter, 4 blades, and VMWare. We should begin that installation in a couple of weeks once I get the correct power into the datacenter. I also have to make some room in the rack to handle the chassis. I can’t wait to dive head first into the world of virtualization!


2 thoughts on “New infrastucture equipment

  1. We have been very happy with the Trapeze equipment. It has been very easy to configure, and very easy to maintain. The system runs itself, and requires very little intervention from the Tech Department. It has been very nice to change encryption keys, or create a new SSID, and push it out to all 35 APs within seconds. Our old system would have taken me most of the day to change encryption keys and setup a new SSID.

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