It’s about time!

My last blog post was 3 months ago, and things are finally starting to let up. Actually things are constantly evolving and new opportunities are always presenting themselves. For instance, I was 1 of 3 panelists that conducted a webinar for EdTech Magazine ( entitled “Going One-to-One.” I joined Stewart Crais (Lausanne Institute) and Justin Dover (Harpeth Hall) on a variety of topics for the webinar, as well as fielding questions from the audience. There were 350+ attendees registered for the event. I feel very fortunate to be able to present with these two gentlemen, as they both have far more experience than I do in the 1 to 1 arena. Thanks guys!

I have written an article “Doing More With Less” that is currently hosted on EdTech’s website. You can access it here. . I will have another piece on e-Discovery tools coming out soon. I’ll post the link here when it’s published.

As for school, our master image has been much better than in the past (third time’s a charm). We replaced our web filter due to students being able to get to anonymous proxy servers. We looked at several solutions, and it seems that the 8e6 appliance was the best fit for us.

I have been using Google Analytics to keep track of the traffic on this site, and have found it to be a wealth of knowledge. Last week when reviewing my reports, I noticed that a ton of students have been searching the web trying to get around the Marshal Software WebMarshal product. Since I have previously mentioned that product on here, my site keeps showing up in their search results. I found that quite ironic because I would NEVER post information “how to get around your school web filter”. Kids – if you’re reading this page, you should get back on task and quit trying to get to porn or MySpace.

I’ll try to post more information soon rather than waiting another 3 months.

Merry Christmas!


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