UPDATE: Internet Content Filtering

If you read my last post, you would know that we were considering opening up sites such as MySpace because of the positive potential that they have. However after working with one of our labs, we have decided to continue blocking MySpace at this time. One of the students had several references to illegal drug use, and another student had a video of a stripper on his page. We have also decided to start looking into a different web filtering solution for next school year. We are looking at the Corporate Guardian product from Smoothwall (www.smoothwall.net). This product utilizes several open-source products such as Squid, SquidGuard, and DansGuardian. However this product also includes NTLM authentication and support. We found the product to be very thorough, and well priced. Our sales rep was able to get us a demo that will last for 60 days, therefore we can test it for the remainder of our school year. I’ll keep you updated.


5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Internet Content Filtering

  1. We have decided to no longer continue our evaluation of Smoothwall Corporate Guardian. We found the concept of the product to be a great idea, but the reality wasn’t what I had expected.

  2. Darren,
    We had looked at the SchoolGuardian software, but didn’t need the firewall capabilities. At this time we are only interested in the filtering capability.
    Thanks anyways!

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