What’s been happening lately?

In the recent weeks we have been starting to get caught up, and are being more proactive than before. We have started tracking down the students who have installed illegal software, and we are re-imaging their laptops. We have found quite a few students who are playing online games because there is nothing to install on their systems. RuneScape seems to be the  big one, because they can start the game at home and put the laptop into standby mode. When they get to school, where the site is blocked, they pull up the session that is already running. The only way that I have found to stop this is to shut off port 43594 on the firewall. We’ll see if that keeps them out.

We are currently evaluating Microsoft SMS Server to aid us in the distribution of software packages. We have had quite a few requests for additional software to be loaded, and we need some sort of agent based system to distribute the software. If anybody has any experience they are willing to share with SMS, please visit the forums and speak up. There are quite a few schools doing 1 to 1 that have this same issue.

Lastly, please visit the forums and speak up. Introduce yourself and your school.


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