Life after the first 3 weeks…

Well, the first 3 weeks of school has been insane. We have handed out around 650 laptop computers, and have had to revisit each one of them due to wireless issues when Ghosting them. We used Microsoft Sysprep and Symantec Ghost, but I think that Sysprep removed all of the wireless settings. We have also had problems with the ThinkVantage Access Connections that Lenovo recommends for managing your connections. Access Connections likes to power off the wireless cards in the laptop, and the student’s can’t figure out how to turn it back on.  Next year we aren’t using Access Connections. We have to find a better way of cloning laptops, and not losing the settings!

 The only real issue we have had is the wireless cards getting turned off. We had some issues with our Anti-virus software not working properly after the cloning, but the support techs at Central Command Vexira were able to get us fixed up in no time. They have a very robust product, and it’s a GREAT deal for Ohio schools. Check them out at


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